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Our unique wood products are made to order and although we typically ship our products with in 1-2 weeks at particular times of the year these products may take 4-6 weeks to ship. Due to the distinctive character of our wood products there are no two pieces that are the same. Pictures on this site are representative of the products that you will receive. There are properties that are unique to log furniture that you should know about before purchasing. Our furniture is made from small diameter logs. Because we use the whole tree in our log beds, furniture and mantles, the logs may have cracks or checks. This is a natural phenomenon that is part of the drying process of logs. As our logs are dried for use in furniture, the wood shrinks in length, width and radially around the heart of the tree. As tension develops in the wood due to shrinkage, the log splits to relieve tension. These splits or cracks are known as “checks” in the log and are visible in many of the posts, spindles and rails. All logs that contain the heart of the tree will develop these lengthwise cracks or checks and the check will not go deeper than the heart. Consequently, the structural integrity of the log is compromised very little. The checks are natural and are part of the beauty, uniqueness and character of log furniture.

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